We are the Changemakers

Who We Are

Founded in the heart of London, blokbot was initially built as a tool to hedge personal funds through crypto assets, as part of a larger portfolio. It was created as a result of not finding any proven algorithmic bots with a simple interface. Once developed and tested, family and networks joined as users and shortly after, blokbot was launched to the public. blokbot is led by a team of crypto enthusiasts, tech entrepreneurs and corporate executives who are on a mission to simplify access to crypto for the masses.

Our Journey

Since May 2021, blokbot has facilitated the trade of over 357,000,000 coins, closed over 41,000 trades in profit and purchased $13.5m worth of crypto assets. Our journey so far has been nothing short of spectacular and we are constantly developing new algorithms and strategies to ensure longevity in our growth.

Users have stayed with us due to our transparency and strong performance – the average monthly return since launch is 19%. This average is however inflated due to one month performing 55%, which we count as an anomaly.

Our Team

Yahya Shah


Yahya is a passionate crypto enthusiast-turned-opportunist. Configuring blokbot’s core products and making them accessible to the world. Yahya continually tests and updates our algorithms at blokbot and oversees the markets and performance.

Abdullah Iqbal

Co Founder

Abdullah leads the operations of blokbot. His previous experience as a tech founder and operations director within private equity makes him well placed to ensure blokbot achieves it’s mission of making crypto accessible to the masses.

Shafi Nuur

Co Founder

Shafi has been in the startup scene since 2017, heading the branding and marketing of multiple companies. Now at blokbot, Shafi calls the people to blokbot through digital and traditional marketing channels.

Jacob Bernoulli (alias)

Algorithms & Quants Analyst

Jacob is an expert in quantitative analysis and programming software for high frequency trading platforms, with over 20 years industry experience. Dr Bernoulli (PhD in computer science), is the mastermind behind blokbot’s underlying algorithmic code and strategy.

Adnan Ahmad


Adnan has over 15 years experience in the world of technology and innovation. Being ex-Apple and leading teams at the largest corporates, start-ups and world renowned brands, makes Adnan the best person to support our tech infrastructure at blokbot.

Ziyaad Rahman

Customer Success

Ziyaad onboards new and existing users and is the centre point for any ongoing support. Customer-centric and knowledgeable of the crypto markets, Ziyaad ensures all our users have the best possible experience using blokbot.