Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look through our FAQ’s. Feel free to contact us if your question isn’t answered here.

Crypto Bots are simply an automated algorithm designed to make trades for you, multiple trades are made at the same time. The automated software follows the volatility of the market buying the cryptocurrency pairs at a low average price and selling it at profit.

Minimum needed for the bot to trade will be $2000 and the maximum can be any amount. If
you would like to trade with any amount above $5million you will have to contact our team

Login to Binance, go to profile > API Management > Create API.
You can label the API as ‘blokbot’ or anything else. Ensure the ‘enable reading’ and ‘enable margin and spot trading’ buttons are ticked – without this we won’t be able to run the algorithms.

On the mobile app, you’ll need to click on your profile and activate ‘Binance Pro’. Then, on the homepage select ‘more’ and click ‘API Management’.

Contact if you need assistance with this or watch a tutorial here.

API keys are required so we can link your exchange with our algorithms. This allows us to read and make trades on your account so you always have full access to the trading amount and your profits.

blokbot is not able to deposit or withdraw funds from your exchange account.

Register through the website. Enter the details required on our sign up form.  Once you have registered and payment has been confirmed your bot will start within 24hrs.

Login to Binance, click the user icon and find ‘identification’. After pressing ‘identification’ you will be given 3 options Basic, intermediate and advanced verification. Intermediate verification must be completed for you to be able to create API keys and use blokbot’s algorithms.

The profits shown on your blokbot dashboard are of trades that are closed. You may have open trades which have fallen in price lower than the purchase amount – this is an unrealised loss and will only be an actual loss if sold at that point. If the unrealised loss is large your profits may not be noticeable but you are able to withdraw any profits that are shown in the dashboard. Profits are never re-invested without permission and will not be traded.

To date, we have not needed to close a trade in loss as the market has always recovered and the trade then sold in profit.

We are an official partner with Binance and they are our preferred exchange. However, we do also support Coinbase Pro, Huobi, FTX and Gemini.

It is possible since you have full control over your account, however, we do not recommend users to interfere with the bot or funds allocated to the bot. Interference can result in the algorithms to open less trades or over-exposing your account, leading to higher risk.

Yes, you can contact our support team and they will be able to update the trading amount. The minimum increase is $2000 and this is only offered once per month when your subscription is renewed. If you’re trading $50k+ you can increase at any time.

Currently our bot only trades USDT pairs with the top 100 cryptocurrency including BTC as a pair. We’ll soon be launching a BTC accumulation bot which will trade with the aim of increasing your BTC holding.

Go to and sign in to view your profits.
You can also see profits on your Binance account (Binance > Wallet > Fiat & Spot > PNL).

Our historical average performance is 5-20% over a six month period. Remember, past performance is never an indicator of future results.

You are able to close trades manually, however, we do not recommend this as interfering with the algorithms can have negative implications.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Let us know by contacting

blokbot does not offer refunds except in extreme circumstances. You can contact us at to submit a refund request.

With any trading there will always be a certain level of risk. Cryptocurrencies are volatile and you could lose money.  blokbot diversifies trades across the top 100 pairs and limits the amount of exposure for each account to reduce the risk.