Introduction to Auto-trading Crypto

Save time and live your life through automated crypto trading. Learn about institutional-grade algorithms that blokbot has made accessible.

The evening will give you insights into the crypto market. You’ll also learn how powerful algorithms, that were traditionally excusive to institutions, can be utilised through blokbot.

This event will be hosted on Global Islamic Trader’s Telegram channel:


Founded in London, blokbot was initially built as a tool to hedge personal funds through crypto assets, as part of a larger sharia compliant portfolio. We decided to open the algorithms to the public, so everyone can benefit from blokbot’s source code. The team is led by crypto enthusiasts, tech entrepreneurs and corporate executives who are on a mission to simplify access to crypto to the masses.

Our journey has been exciting and we’re constantly developing new algorithms and strategies to ensure longevity in our growth and to meet the ever-changing market demands.

This event has been co-organised by Rashdan Fitri (founder of Global Islamic Traders) so his members can enjoy the benefits of auto-trading and learn about the powerful tools blokbot offers.

As with any form of trading, capital is at risk.