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blokbot: The Modern-Day Robin Hood Platform for Traders

Upon the wrath of the COVID-19 pandemic and its induced global lockdowns came the emergence of thousands of virtual financial opportunities such as investing and trading in cryptocurrency. However, as this practice has only recently gained international prominence, it is understandable that countless individuals, although interested, would be hesitant to explore the industry.

Founded in London, blokbot is designed to lend a helping hand to everyday folk seeking to transition to hands-free profit generation. The software invites everyone from experts to beginners to kickstart their trading careers with its simplified and managed approach.

“blokbot was initially built to hedge our own investments,” Yahya Shah, one of blokbot’s innovative creators, shares, “but after realizing the great benefit, the team decided to share the product with the world.”

He continues, “blokbot is your personal trader in your pocket, trading for you 24/7/365.” With a user-friendly interface, blokbot welcomes institutions, fund managers, crypto traders, and the general public to benefit from algorithmic trading.

On the platform, anyone can auto-buy and sell cryptocurrency at transactions managed by its intelligently designed bots. This negates the need for technical trading know-how that often confuses and discourages people from participating in the trading industry. Moreover, the passion project, molded by renowned tech entrepreneurs with extensive backgrounds, introduces the possibility of earning while asleep.

At blokbot, the software’s expert team of crypto traders, bots, and remarkable algorithms keep track of lucrative investment and trading opportunities. These coded algorithms are comparable to those generally exclusive to hedge funds and major financial corporations.

Since these formulas have helped the bigwigs stay on top, the creators of blokbot, who are admittedly massive fans of Robin Hood, decided to improve algorithmic trading and democratize it for public use, opening the vault to thousands and guiding them into financial freedom.

To say that their efforts have paid off would be an understatement. In less than three months since its launch, blokbot has recorded an awe-inducing number of $8 million worth of trades closed and over 248 million traded coins, with just under $1 million traded on clients’ blokbot account, Binance, with the lowest monthly return to date being 9.5%.

However, this is not all. As blokbot continues to trade Ethereum, Litecoin, and over a hundred more cryptocurrencies faster than any person and breaks the nearly exclusive control of major corporations over algorithmic trading, the numbers that the software has generated will only rise, especially with several exciting plans underway.

“As an organization, we’re constantly developing our algorithms to remain ahead of the fast-moving crypto industry,” Abdulla shares. “In the next five years, we expect blokbot to have its own wallet, range of algorithms, arbitrage bots, and be a household brand when cryptocurrency becomes the norm and a fully recognized asset class.”

Learn more about blokbot and how it unlocks doors to jaw-dropping financial opportunities through algorithmic trading. Browse through the modern-day Robin Hood trading platform’s brilliant features and find out how it helps traders outperform the crypto market.

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