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Blokbot allows you to use remarkable algorithms that are extensively tested. Giving you the power to wield advanced trading algorithms fit for institutions.


Algorithmic trading has always been used in the conventional financial markets by institutions. blokbot makes it accessible to everyone. Our solution has dedicated capabilities suited for institutions, expert traders, and complete newcomers to the crypto scene. By integrating our programmes with the never-sleeping crypto exchanges, we’ve made it possible for you to auto-trade your personal (or institution’s) digital wallet.


Experienced traders and our founding team trades with each algorithm and thoroughly analyses performance before launching to the public. Our rigorous testing process means we save you the hassle of ever needing to intervene in trades or constantly watch the market.


blokbot’s algorithmic software has been coded and configured by industry experts. Users are at ease knowing that blokbot has been built with the leading encryption so trades are executed safely.


blokbot algorithms trades the top 100 coins in your preferred exchange, with a hands-off approach that gives you the freedom to leave your screens and live your life.

  • Easy set up
  • Cancel anytime
  • Engaged community
  • Secure
  • Withdraw profits anytime
  • Built for institutions and beginners
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Conservative Strategy

blokbot follows a 'dollar cost averaging' strategy which spreads trades over time, diversifying and accumulating more of a currency pair as the price reduces. You may have heard 'buy the dip' - we do this professionally, when all market indicators are in our favour.

Emotion Free Trading

Even the best traders get swayed by emotions and sometimes make huge losses. blokbot is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - so the only principles we're guided by are technical and not emotional.

Keep it Simple

blokbot significantly lowers the barriers to enter the crypto space which is typically seen as confusing and convoluted. Auto-trading has thousands of moving parts but we carry this on our shoulders so you can enjoy simplicity.

blokbot for Institutions

Make crypto assets a part of your business strategy.

Our team specialises in crypto advisory for SME’s, listed companies, NGO’s and governments. With varied experience from UN advisors to diplomats across SE Asia to ex-PWC finance directors and technology leaders from Apple, we help organisations adopt crypto and blockchain technology to gain strategic advantage.

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Securely holding crypto assets is just as important, if not more so, than acquiring crypto assets. Digital assets can be compromised or made inaccessible if the best measures are not in place.  Our experts have first-hand felt the scars of not having the best security protocols; there is a wallet in the cryptoverse with seven figures worth of a currency unobtainable by one of our founders. We offer training to institutions to enable you to manage security for your digital assets.

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Trading crypto without knowledge and understanding can quickly burn resources. Diversification and insight is critical to any asset class and this also applies with digital assets. Risk assessments allows our team to identify and minimise over-exposure to particular currency pairs or strategies. We follow key metrics built over years of experience and testing. At times cutting short of losses and replenishing funds into new opportunities and concentrating on unique strategies built specifically to an institutions risk appetite accelerates a portfolio’s performance.

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We’re by our mission to make crypto accessible. Large or small, experienced or new to the sector, all institutional partners get dedicated account managers and support in onboarding and benefiting from crypto suited to their needs.

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Integrates with your Exchange

Track performance and withdraw profits anytime from your private exchange wallet

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Our users are entrepreneurs, HNWI, professionals and anyone who’d rather make trades on auto-pilot. Who wouldn’t, right?

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